Rusal And RusHydro Commission First Potline At Boguchansky Aluminium Smelter

Rusal And RusHydro Commission First Potline At Boguchansky Aluminium Smelter

Russian Federation aluminium titan U.C. Rusal, in conjunction with PJSC RusHydro, announced yesterday the commissioning of the first potline at Boguchansky aluminium smelter (BoAZ) in the Boguchansky Energy and Metals Complex (BEMO) in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia.

The commissioning of the potline at BoAZ, which boasts a nameplate capacity of 298 thousand metric tons per annum, is the culmination of a 13-year journey begun with an agreement signed between the two firms at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum. In the intervening years, the progress on the project has been rapid, with the first hydroelectric units arriving at the site in 2012 and the power station achieving its nameplate capacity of 2,997 MW just three years later.

In a statement released yesterday, Rusal’s CEO Evgenii Nikitin noted the significant economic and technological achievement BoAZ represents.

“The launch of the first production line of the Boguchansky aluminium smelter is a great example of the successful implementation of a large scale partnership project in Russia. Along with the Khakas aluminium smelter built by RUSAL and the Taishet plant which is now under construction, the launch of the new BoAZ capacities applying the most modern technologies will not only ensure the production of competitive products, but will also make a great contribution to the socio-economic development of both Siberia and the country.”

“Boguchanskaya HPP – fifth-largest hydroelectric power station in Russia with a capacity of 2997 MW is one of the most modern and efficient power plants, not only in Russia but in the world,” explained Nikolai Shulginov, Сhairman of the Management Board and the General Director of RusHydro. “BEMO is a unique and significant project for modern Russia, which showcases the joint venture of a large hydropower station and a large consumer. Boguchanskaya hydropower station has already developed more than 70 billion kWh, which exceeds the annual energy consumption of the entire Krasnoyarsk territory.”

Rusal highlighted the unique nature of the project, noting that it represents the largest investment in an energy and metals project in history. The project is also Russia’s initial foray into the world of large-scale public/private partnerships. The first stage of the project, which totals an investment amount of US$1.6 billion, is derived from capital contributed by Rusal and RusHydro as well as from a contribution by State Development Corporation VEB.