Rusal And KUMZ Begin Commercial Production Of New Aluminium-Scandium Alloy

Rusal And KUMZ Begin Commercial Production Of New Aluminium-Scandium Alloy

Russian aluminium giant UC Rusal announced this week the launch of several new products in conjunction with KUMZ made from grade 1581 aluminium-magnesium-scandium alloy, including rolled and pressed semi-finished products.

Rusal is producing the new aluminium alloy products at its Krasnoyarsk aluminium smelter via a system organized by KUMZ. Krasnoyarsk is producing these plate and sheet alloyed products at a commercial scale at present, and the firm says the products are currently in high demand in the transport-engineering sector, specifically in shipbuilding and railways.

Rusal’s Chief Technical Officer Viktor Mann said in a press release that the new alloy is part of a broader goal of including aluminium in more sectors.

“Launching the production of this material and its successful entry into the Russian Maritime Shipping Register is the next step in implementing RUSAL’s strategy, to develop and promote innovative scandium-containing products and expand applications of aluminium in high-tech industries.”

The 1581-grade alloy was developed by Rusal’s Institute of Light Metals and Technologies (ILM&T) as an alternative to standard aluminium alloys. In addition to improved corrosion resistance and weldability properties, the new alloy is also cheaper than other scandium-aluminium alloys, making it more economically attractive as well.

In the spring Rusal debuted ScAlution, its new line of aluminium-scandium alloys. The new set of alloys is expected to find wide use in the transportation sector, as the reduced weight improves fuel consumption and reduces emissions.