Rusal America Debuts New Aluminium Alloy Powders For 3D Printing

Rusal America Debuts New Aluminium Alloy Powders For 3D Printing
Source: Rusal America

Rusal America announced yesterday the debut of its new portfolio of aluminium powders designed specifically for additive manufacturing.

The new aluminium powders are a set of four alloys of aluminium and silicon and five specialty alloys crafted for use in the aerospace and automotive sectors. All of the offerings are 100 percent metal and pre-alloyed. The aluminium used in the alloys is Rusal’s ALLOW brand of low-carbon aluminium. As a result, the new aluminium powders are certified with a carbon footprint of up to 75 percent below the global industry average for smelter scope 1 and 2 emissions.

C. Brian Hesse, President and CEO of Rusal America, expounded upon the virtues of the new aluminium powder product offering in an emailed statement.

“From primary aluminum and foundry alloys to billets and wire rod, Rusal America is a trusted supplier with a reputation for delivering unmatched high-quality, low-carbon aluminum products backed by customer and technical support that is second to none. We are excited to deliver the same to customers new and existing through our new line of innovative AM powder alloys.”

One of Rusal America’s new alloys is a blend of aluminium and copper that is hot-crack resistant and maintains its stability in temperatures of up to 250°C (482°F). Among Rusal America’s new aerospace aluminium alloys is a mixture of aluminium, magnesium, and optimized scandium that compares with additive aluminium powders from other makers but at a significantly lower price point.

Development of the new alloys took place in Rusal America’s Light Materials and Technology Institute and its inert gas powder atomization facilities.