Rio Tinto and Tsinghua University Extend Sustainable Development Partnership

Rio Tinto and Tsinghua University Extend Sustainable Development Partnership
The Tsinghua University campus in Beijing, China. Source: Wikimedia

Anglo-Australian metal mining titan Rio Tinto Group announced on Friday an agreement with the People’s Republic of China’s Tsinghua University to extend the tenure of the partnership forming the Tsinghua-Rio Tinto Joint Research Centre for Resources, Energy and Sustainable Development.

The Centre, which was established in 2012, is a joint project between the two entities to bring together experts from around the world to research and develop best practices for sustainable development as it relates not only to mining, but to several other disciplines as well.

“Continuation of the Tsinghua-Rio Tinto Centre further demonstrates our commitment to developing a long-term strategic partnership with China,” opined Rio Tinto chief executive Jean-Sébastien “J-S” Jacques.

“At Rio Tinto, we strive to add value to the communities in which we operate. As China is attaching increasing importance to the quality of development in the New Era, the research projects conducted by the Tsinghua-Rio Tinto Centre will become even more relevant to China’s long-term strategic goals.”

“Based on the past five years of cooperation between Tsinghua University and Rio Tinto, I am confident in and very much looking forward to our future cooperation,” explained Xue Qikun, Tsinghua University vice president.

“Rio Tinto is well-known for its advanced technologies in the energy, mining and materials sectors. As China has entered a new era, we are delighted to be working with leading global companies like Rio Tinto to promote the development of our university, to share and implement our research results, and most importantly, to make contributions to the development of China and the world.

“The extension of our partnership represents a new level, as well as a new era of our win-win cooperation.”