Rio Tinto Introduces START Sustainable Aluminium Labeling Program

Rio Tinto Introduces START Sustainable Aluminium Labeling Program

Anglo-Australian metal mining giant Rio Tinto Group announced this week the launch of the START initiative, which it characterizes as a “nutrition label for responsible aluminium.”

Rio Tinto says START will aid customers in understanding the origins of their aluminium products, which is of increasing desirability in the manufacturing industry of late. The firm hopes to use START to enable end users to make more informed choices about products they purchase.

Under the START program, Rio Tinto’s customers will receive a digital sustainability label resembling a nutrition label found on consumer food and drink utilizing secure blockchain technology. The information provided on the label will include where the aluminium was produced and information about key criteria, such as carbon footprint, water use, recycled content, energy sources, community investment, safety performance, diversity in leadership, business integrity, regulatory compliance, and transparency.

Rio Tinto Aluminium chief executive Alf Barrios highlighted the importance of the START initiative in a press release.

“START is a significant step forward for the aluminium industry as the first offering of this kind, setting a new standard on transparency, traceability and responsible production from mine to market. Our vision is that our customers can showcase the sustainability of the aluminium they purchase from Rio Tinto to their consumers, delivering full value from our responsible production.”

Rio Tinto is currently offering the START sustainability label to Rio Tinto’s managed operations around the world. The START program will also include the offering of technical expertise by way of a sustainability advisory service and customer support for clients seeking to enhance sustainability offerings, improving performance, supporting sourcing goals, and accessing sustainable financing.