Recycled Aluminium Energy Storage Firm To Establish Site In Abu Dhabi

Recycled Aluminium Energy Storage Firm To Establish Site In Abu Dhabi

A Swedish firm that utilizes recycled aluminium to store power has inked a deal with an Abu Dhabi renewable energy company and a local university to build a renewable energy storage site in Masdar City.

Azelio said earlier this week that the partnership with Masdar and Khalifa University will complete the installation of the verification project during the current quarter. The installation is intended as a means to evaluate the firm’s technology for inclusion in Masdar’s renewable energy product portfolio.

James Stewart, ALEC Energy’s General Manager, said that the project is one of several the firm plans to collaborate on in the coming months and years.

“We are very excited about this solar storage collaboration with Azelio and are working on a number of other identified regional opportunities to introduce this innovative storage solution for larger schemes as the Azelio product moves through its structured development program.”

“We are happy to progress in our collaboration with ALEC Energy,” noted Jonas Eklind CEO of Azelio. “This agreement is an important milestone for the project in Masdar City together with Masdar and Khalifa University and will ensure a high-quality installation.”

Yousef Baselaib, Executive Director of Sustainable Real Estate at Masdar, noted the advantages of locating the project in Abu Dhabi.

“As Abu Dhabi’s home of innovation and R&D, Masdar City is proud to be the location for this pilot project that has the potential to improve battery storage capability for renewable energy projects. The success of this project could help aid a sustainable recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic and advance the energy transition around the world.”

Headquartered in Gothenburg, Azelio has pioneered a unique method for storing thermal energy that utilizes recycled aluminium. The technology is able to produce electricity and heat from storage on demand at any time and with an efficiency of up to 90 percent. Azelio’s technology is scalable and cost efficient for units ranging from 0.1 MW to 100 MW without any loss of capacity over time.