Production At ERG’s Kazakhstan Aluminium Smelter Rose By 6 Percent In 2020

Production At ERG’s Kazakhstan Aluminium Smelter Rose By 6 Percent In 2020

Eurasian Resources Group said this week that it greatly increased production of aluminium this year, as its Kazakhstan Aluminium Smelter JSC (KAS) sought to catch up with increased demand on the European continent.

The Kazakhstan smelter has a designed capacity of 250 thousand metric tons per annum, but ERG says the plant surpassed that total by around 15 thousand metric tons this year. The increased production was carried out to keep up with increased demand, as domestic sales in the year rose by 20 percent.

ERG’s sales on the continent accounted for 77 percent of its total this year. Sales to European buyers rose by 10 thousand metric tons in 2020.

KAS President Serik Donbekbaev elaborated on the achievement in a related press release.

“Demand for aluminium has increased domestically and internationally in recent months in line with the easing of restrictions and fiscal stimulus programs, particularly in China and Europe. We are pleased that we have been able to increase our production capacity at KAS to meet the growing demand, and strengthen both our domestic and international sales.”

Eurasian Group LLP Chairman of the Management Board Serik Shakhazhanov credited the plant’s labor force for its better results in 2020.

“KAS has surpassed expectations and strengthened its capacity, all in the midst of a challenging year. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the team at KAS and the Group’s broader efforts and successes.”

About 60 percent of KAS’s aluminium is used in the production of cables and wires, with another 20 percent finding its way to metal structure manufacturing.