Polish Artist Encases Vintage Locomotive in Aluminium Foil

Polish Artist Encases Vintage Locomotive in Aluminium Foil
"Get Off Łódź Fabryczna" Source: Piotr Janowski

A Polish artist used heavy-duty aluminium foil as a medium recently when he wrapped a thirty-ton steam locomotive with the substance, all in the name of art.

Artist Piotr Janowski’s piece, entitled “Get Off Łódź Fabryczna,” consists of a vintage 1953 Px48 steam locomotive covered in 39,000 square feet of aluminium foil. The task of covering the 42-foot, 30-ton locomotive took fourteen local art students four days.

Janowski’s piece was commissioned as part of a display to celebrate the opening of Train Station Łódź Fabryczna. The installation was formally unveiled in December and has been on display ever since.

But why use aluminium foil? The artist says it is an apt medium for inspiring people to look at objects in a different way that are ordinarily taken for granted.

“It is very important for me to involve the urban and the natural environment into my art and to open new perspectives,” he explained. “Aluminum as a medium gives me the chance to gain great depth and vibrations of colors and tones mirroring the surrounding space.”

This is not Janowski’s first time to use aluminium foil as a component in his art. In 2015 he covered the entirety of his 1,180 ft2 Florida home in aluminium foil.