Orbite Closing In on High-Purity Alumina Production Rate of One Metric Ton Per Day

Orbite Closing In on High-Purity Alumina Production Rate of One Metric Ton Per Day

Montreal cleantech company Orbite Technologies Inc. yesterday announced further progress in its quest to develop a commercially-viable process for producing high-purity alumina (HPA).

Orbite has furthered its eponymous process by ramping up the temperature of the calcination section. The firm installed fluoronation bed material shortly afterwards. Aluminum chloride hexahydrate (ACH) crystals were next injected into the calcination system intermittently and at low rates in order to measure equipment response and test other aspects of the system.

Subsequent to the above, injection rates and HPA production were increased over the past two weeks so that the company may reach its intermediate production target of one metric ton per day of HPA. Over four metric tons of HPA were produced during this period, and purity of the alumina is being tested using 4N5 HPA crystals. Orbite expects that the purity will be similar to previously-produced HPA at parity with the ACH that was injected over the course of production.

“We are very pleased with the progress of production, and we are on the doorstep of our intermediate goal of continuous 1 tpd production,” said Orbite’s CEO Glenn Kelly.

“In the coming weeks we will continue to produce HPA, while completing test runs to calibrate how equipment and operations respond to certain changes in feed, temperature and throughput. We will then progress towards feeding higher purity ACH crystals to achieve 5N+ product and then continue our ramp up to nameplate capacity.”

Orbite expects that reaching consistent and continuous production at one metric ton per day throughput rate over the coming weeks. The firm anticipates that it will maintain these rates until it begins ramping up production to its nameplate capacity of three metric tons per day.

Orbite maintains a plant at Cap-Chat, Quebec and has an intellectual property portfolio consisting of 45 current patents and 71 pending patents in eleven different countries.