Novo Capsule Debuts “Perfect” Single Serve Coffee Capsule Using Aluminium

Novo Capsule Debuts “Perfect” Single Serve Coffee Capsule Using Aluminium

Joint venture aluminium coffee capsule producer Novo Capsule announced this week that it has achieved the purpose of the partnership, namely to produce and market a superior single-serve Nespresso coffee capsule made from 100%-recyclable aluminium.

Novo Capsule believes that the type of coffee capsule used in at-home single-serve coffee machines is of the highest importance for assuring a high-quality product. In order to protect flavor and deliver the best quality coffee product to the consumer, the capsule’s material and the tightness of the seal are critical.

Yuval Weinshtock, Co-CEO of Novo Capsule, said in a wide-ranging interview with industry media that the flavorless, odorless, and strong aluminium containers offer the best currently-available alternative for capsule production.

“Aluminium is much better in keeping the level of oxygen very low and keeping the coffee fresh for a very long time. This means that our capsules have a very low OTR, or oxygen transmission rate, because aluminium is better at creating a stronger barrier to oxidisation.”

He went on to note that aluminium continues to be a popular alternative for consumers as well for many reasons.

“Obviously, the aluminium is much more environmentally friendly than plastic. But aluminium is also much better at protecting the Nespresso machine because the operation of punching the capsule is easier with aluminium than it is with plastic.”

“Today, every aluminium capsule still has a small amount of the capsule that is plastic and uses PVC for things like the lacquer coating of a capsule,” Weinshtock continued. “Our capsule is the only one that has no PVC and PVC. As you know, it’s considered to be the least friendly plastic component, so this capsule is free of that. Our capsule is also recyclable.”

“Once you have the larger sealing area you have less breaks and less stops during the production process, which allows you to get bigger volumes from production and better quality.”

Weinshtock said that wider welding surfaces on aluminium capsules also aided in filling the pod with raw coffee.

“One of the challenges in the filling machine is that after you fill the coffee at really high speed, there are particles of coffee spread on the top of the capsule. A very wide ceiling area, like our capsule, can help the filling machine to put the lid into position and weld it on very quickly. This helps seal in the flavour and gives us an advantage over other capsules.”

Further, Novo Capsule’s coffee capsules are stronger than typical coffee capsules, as aluminium capsules are thicker than conventional coffee capsules.

“Novo Capsule capsules have significantly lower leakage in both the front and the rear. This is because of the excellent sealing of the lid and in the meeting point of the capsule and the Nespresso machine, this attention to detail by Novo Capsule ensures that the hot water goes directly to the glass and does not spill out into the capsule container or other places.”

Overall, Novo Capsule’s aluminium coffee capsule delivers to end users the best possible coffee product in an environmentally friendly manner.

“Through its constant innovation and manufacturing excellence Novo Capsule has designed a capsule that gives consumers the best at-home coffee experience,” he concluded.