Novelis Specialty Recycled Aluminium Certified By Third Party Auditor

Novelis Specialty Recycled Aluminium Certified By Third Party Auditor

Atlanta’s rolled aluminium firm Novelis announced this week that its aluminium alloys used in building and construction were certified by third-party auditor GreenCircle as containing up to 99 percent recycled content.

Novelis said its 3105, 3004, and 3025 alloys are certified under GreenCircle’s program. The alloys are produced at its facilities in Iowa, Ohio, and Virginia, and typically sold as flat-rolled aluminium sheet with recycled content of between 77 percent and 99 percent.

Ganesh Panneer, Vice President, Operations, Novelis North America, said in a press release that pursuing the certification was an easy decision for the firm.

“At Novelis, recycling and sustainability are central to our values, business model and purpose of shaping a sustainable world together. We are committed to transparency and to being a brand our customers can trust, so pursuing GreenCircle’s Recycled Content certification was a natural step for us.”

Tad Radzinski, Certification Officer at GreenCircle, lauded Novelis for accomplishing its certification.

“Novelis has achieved GreenCircle Recycled Content certifications at its Richmond, Uhrichsville and Davenport facilities consecutively for the past decade. Novelis is leading the way by guaranteeing the percent of recycled content by obtaining third-party verifications. Taking the extra step to get certified, especially for so many consecutive years, is a testament to Novelis’ commitment to sustainability and transparency.”

The firm’s current goals are to reduce carbon emissions by almost one-third in four years and achieve carbon neutrality by mid-century. Novelis plans to increase its usage of recycled aluminium content, which requires only 5 percent of the energy needed to produce compared to primary aluminium derived from bauxite.

Novelis is a subsidiary of Mumbai’s Hindalco Industries Ltd. Based in Atlanta, the firm accounts for almost half of Hindalco’s consolidated revenue. The world’s largest recycler of aluminium, Novelis conducts operations in ten different countries, employs around eleven thousand people, and reported US$11.2 billion in net sales for the most recent fiscal year.