Novelis Reports Major Sustainability Achievements in 2023

Novelis Reports Major Sustainability Achievements in 2023

In its recent sustainability report for fiscal year 2023 (April 1, 2022 – March 31, 2023), Novelis Inc., a frontrunner in aluminum rolling, recycling, and sustainable aluminum solutions, shared noteworthy progress towards their sustainability benchmarks.

The company, at the forefront of aluminum and alumina processing, declared a 14% dip in absolute CO2 emissions for FY23, marking significant progress from its FY2016 reference point. Their 2026 goal is to lessen carbon discharges by 30%. Integral to Novelis’ sustainability plan is the emphasis on maximizing recycled aluminum in their product range. FY23 saw an impressive 61% recycled content spread across their global product lines. Notably, during this time frame, 2.3 million metric tons of aluminum was recycled by Novelis, which comprises over 82 billion repurposed beverage cans.

Steve Fisher, the President and CEO of Novelis Inc., expressed pride in the company’s strides in emission reduction and using recycled material in a related press release.

“I am very proud of our achievements this year, particularly our emissions reduction and recycled content numbers. We believe that maximizing aluminum’s circularity is the most effective way to decarbonize, and Novelis is leading the industry on that front by expanding closed-loop recycling partnerships with customers, investing in additional recycling capacity, and creating new alloys and processing methods to increase our use of recycled metal inputs. The success of these and other recycling initiatives help ensure we continue to deliver on our Purpose of Shaping a Sustainable World Together.”

The sustainability report also spotlighted other gains like a 17% curtailment in carbon emissions intensity since FY2016, a 10% cutback in waste to landfill intensity from their FY2020 baseline, philanthropic donations amounting to US$7.5 million, and an alliance with FIRST®. This non-profit aligns with Novelis’ ethos as it immerses students from pre-Kindergarten to grade 12 in the realms of engineering, coding, and robotics.