Novelis Receives State Innovation Award

Novelis Receives State Innovation Award
Margaret Mitchell House in Atlanta, Georgia. Source: Wikimedia

The state of Georgia’s Department of Economic Development recently recognized Novelis’ research facility in Kennesaw with a statewide award “for supplying its technologically sophisticated fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions standards by reducing the weight of the vehicle without compromising safety and strength.”

The department’s director for automotive, aerospace and advanced manufacturing Mike Grundmann explained to local media that the research facility has developed light-weight aluminium skin for consumer vehicles, leading to improvement in fuel efficiency.

“They are looking at all the different ways to take aluminum, their core competency, and looking at the different ways to collect and recycle aluminum,” he said. “The aluminum skins for the Ford F-150 pickup were developed at the Novelis Kennesaw facility.”

“They just came up with the alloys to make aluminum a more viable material for auto bodies,” Grundmann went on. “This award is intended to put a spotlight on the (automotive) industry in Georgia.”

Grundmann detailed the automotive industry’s economic impact in the state, saying that manufacturers of automotive parts operate over 250 facilities statewide, employing 18,000 Georgians and contributing US$2.8 billion to the state annually.

“The state is very interested in attracting automotive companies because they offer high paying jobs,” he said. “Our mission is to create more job opportunities for Georgians.”

Auto companies including Kia, Porsche, Cox Automotive, Mercedes Benz, and Blue Bird are some of the more important innovators in the state, he explained, and that work is being done on producing self-driving vehicles.

“Automotive companies have discovered a rich vein of innovation in Georgia,” said Grundmann. “Georgia’s innovation economic system is becoming the most valuable asset to the automotive industry. Having a company like Novelis in Georgia shows we can continue to produce the talents in innovation in more established aspects of the business.”

Novelis’ president and CEO Steve Fisher said Georgia is a “key market for Novelis and our work here is paramount to the overall success of our organization.”

“The robust automotive industry and network in the state, combined with business friendly tax incentives and an overall low cost of doing business, make Georgia an ideal location for Novelis to continue on its growth path. This honor further validates the great things Novelis is doing, and we sincerely appreciate” incentives offered by the state, said Fisher.