Novelis, Jaguar Land Rover Develop Aluminium Alloy with Up To 75% Recycled Content

Novelis, Jaguar Land Rover Develop Aluminium Alloy with Up To 75% Recycled Content

Aluminium rolled products producer Novelis announced yesterday that its new aluminium alloy containing up to seventy-five percent recycled content has been successfully used in structural components in consumer cars and trucks.

The alloy, known as RC5754, was developed in conjunction with Jaguar Land Rover and is the basis for the latter’s REALCAR (REcycled ALuminium CAR) project. The first vehicle to be produced using the alloy is the Jaguar XE. The alloy is to be used in all of Jaguar Land Rover’s models going forward.

“As a leader in alloy innovation and aluminium recycling, Novelis is honored to work with Jaguar Land Rover to help lead the automotive industry in sustainable vehicle manufacturing,” said, Novelis Europe’s Vice President, Automotive, Pierre Labat. “Novelis’ new RC5754 alloy not only meets the high recycled content threshold required by Jaguar Land Rover’s REALCAR project, but also it delivers the strength, durability and formability specified by world-leading Jaguar Land Rover engineers.”

Begun in 2008, REALCAR, which is spearheaded by Jaguar Land Rover, is a collaboration of several firms to develop a “closed-loop vehicle production model” that utilizes recycled aluminium. RC5754 was developed by Novelis specifically for the REALCAR project. The new aluminium alloy contains the highest percentage of recycled content of any alloy yet developed.

Findings from the project have been documented in a case study released last month entitled “Collaboration for a Closed-Loop Value Chain,” a project led by the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership’s Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Value Chains.

Novelis has developed several aluminium alloys for the automotive industry, including 6111, 6016 and the original 5754. The firm also partners with many of the world’s top automakers by providing aluminium sheet products for use in almost two hundred models currently in production, including the Ford F-150, which has an all-new aluminium body and bed, replacing steel as the material of choice.