Novelis Debuts 100% Recycled Aluminium Alloy For Cosmetic Packaging

Novelis Debuts 100% Recycled Aluminium Alloy For Cosmetic Packaging
Novelis Expands evercycle Portfolio of 100% Recycled Aluminum Alloys to Cosmetic Packaging. Source: Novelis

Atlanta’s rolled aluminium firm Novelis Inc. said this week it will soon be offering a new 100-percent recycled aluminium alloy specially designed for cosmetic packaging.

The new aluminium alloy is part of its evercycle line of products and is capable of meeting cosmetic companies’ anodized quality requirements. Developed in conjunction with Anomatic, evercycle aluminium alloy can be anodized by a process developed by the firm, giving it a durable yet attractive coating that preserves the recyclability of the aluminium alloy.

Jami Chime, Account Manager, Specialty Products, Novelis North America, said in a press release that the move is a response to increased customer demand for sustainable solutions.

“With increasing consumer desire for more sustainable products, Novelis is proud to offer our customers a new packaging solution that is not only made from 100% recycled aluminum but one that can also be easily recycled again. Given the advantages of recycling aluminum, Novelis aims to enable more sustainable solutions alongside our customers. As we take steps to decrease carbon emissions 30% by 2026 and become a carbon neutral company by 2050 or sooner, we remain committed to increasing the amount of recycled content in our products.”

evercycle is certified by SCS Global Services as consisting of 100 percent recycled aluminium. The aluminium alloy is the second of Novelis’s evercycle offerings to be certified as consisting of only recycled aluminium, following a food container aluminium alloy currently on offer.

Mark Ormiston, Vice President – Innovation, Technology & Sustainability, Anomatic, hailed the long partnership with Novelis and the continued benefits to both firms of the relationship.

“Anomatic believes it is our corporate social responsibility to make decisions and take actions that protect and benefit our planet. We are proud of our longstanding partnership with Novelis, enabling us to develop a groundbreaking product that reduces our carbon footprint and benefits brands and consumers alike who share a passion for more sustainable solutions. Rethinking packaging’s function, design and manufacture from cradle-to-end-use, we are cultivating and fostering innovation that leads to positive change.”

Novelis is a subsidiary of Mumbai’s Hindalco Industries Ltd. Based in Atlanta, the firm accounts for almost half of Hindalco’s consolidated revenue. The world’s largest recycler of aluminium, Novelis conducts operations in ten different countries, employs around eleven thousand people, and reported US$11.2 billion in net sales for the most recent fiscal year.