Novelis Commissions New Roll Forming Development Line For R&D Into Automotive Aluminium

Novelis Commissions New Roll Forming Development Line For R&D Into Automotive Aluminium

Atlanta’s rolled aluminium firm Novelis commissioned its new roll forming development line at its Automotive Customer Solution Center outside of Detroit, Michigan this week.

Novelis says the new cutting-edge roll forming development line will allow the firm to conduct year-round, full-scope research and development on roll forming within its own plant. This gives the firm the advantage of speeding the process of experimenting and developing the technique for producing a high-strength aluminium roll.

The primary market targeted by the new roll forming development line is the automotive sector, as the move from internal combustion to electric has necessitated the need for lighter weight vehicles. Although aluminium and aluminium alloys can offer products with a superior strength-to-weight ratio, Novelis says that development in that area has yet to be fully realized.

Jamie Zinser, Vice President, Global Automotive, Novelis Inc, said in a press release that the company’s primary goal on this project is research and development.

“The auto industry understands the benefits of aluminum and is looking to Novelis to develop technology that supports their growth initiatives. One of these technologies is roll forming. We are introducing this development line to accelerate research and development, not to become a roll forming company. Our goal is to work with our automotive and Tier I partners to innovate and develop aluminum sheet technology that will support the electrification movement.”

Novelis is so far the only flat-rolled aluminium company to build its own roll forming development line, which it says is proof positive of its commitment to innovation and new technologies.