Novelis Boasts 53% Increase in Recycled Content Use in Latest Sustainability Report

Novelis Boasts 53% Increase in Recycled Content Use in Latest Sustainability Report

Atlanta’s rolled and recycled aluminium firm Novelis Inc. released its sustainability report for FY 2016 today. According to the report, the firm achieved a recycled aluminium input of fifty-three percent for the year, which is a twenty-three-percent improvement over baseline levels.

Novelis says that the significant improvement, which is measured against average inputs from fiscal years 2007 through 2009, led to a drop in greenhouse gas emissions of nineteen percent below the baseline similarly established.

The firm also boasts reductions in water and energy intensity, reporting a drop in 22% and 24%, respectively.

“Sustainability is core to our business. That starts with how we operate within our company and extends to how we partner with our stakeholders across the aluminum value chain,” said Novelis’ President and Chief Executive Officer Steve Fisher. “We see tremendous opportunities in continuing to expand the use of lightweight, infinitely recyclable aluminum to meet today’s demanding performance standards while reducing energy use.”

The firm also includes in the report several business events that contributed to its sustainability goals, including the commissioning of the third finishing line at its plant in Oswego for the production of aluminium for use in next year’s Ford F-150, and the introduction and implementation of Novelis Advanz s5754 RC, the high-recycled-content aluminium alloy that is now being used in Jaguar Land Rover’s entire product line, among others.

According to the firm, the report is aligned to conform with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Sustainability Reporting.

Novelis is a subsidiary of Mumbai’s Hindalco Industries Ltd., which is itself part of Indian multinational conglomerate Aditya Birla Group. Based in Atlanta, the firm accounts for almost half of Hindalco’s consolidated revenue. The world’s largest recycler of aluminium, Novelis conducts operations in ten different countries, employs around twelve thousand people, and reported US$10 billion in revenue for the most recent fiscal year.