North American Aluminium Demand Up for Sixth Straight Year: Aluminium Association

North American Aluminium Demand Up for Sixth Straight Year: Aluminium Association

Aluminium trade advocacy group the Aluminum Association released its Aluminum Statistical Review for 2015 yesterday. The Review shows a continuation of demand growth for the sixth straight year.

The Association’s annual report showed several noteworthy findings regarding North America’s aluminium industry. The report identified a year-on-year increase in demand of eight-tenths of a percent, to 25.5 billion pounds, a rise of shipments to the transportation sector of 9.7 percent to 9.2 billion pounds, an increase in the building and construction market of 1.9 percent to 3.1 billion pounds, and an increase of the same percentage in the container and packaging sector, topping out at 4.7 billion pounds.

“As the principal source for aluminum industry business and statistics information in North America, the Aluminum Association strives to provide key information on emerging trends in the industry across the entire value chain,” said Aluminum Association Vice President for Business Information and Statistics Ryan Olsen. “The Review highlights the continued demand growth for aluminum for the sixth consecutive year.”

“While we are pleased to see that demand for aluminum is continuing to trend upward in North America, we share the concerns of many other aluminum-producing regions about the dramatic spike in metal imports illustrated by the report. We believe this import growth is a direct consequence of persistent aluminum overcapacity in China,” explained the President & CEO of the Aluminum Association Heidi Brock. “The Aluminum Association’s members are committed to pursuing a negotiated agreement between the U.S. and Chinese governments on overcapacity. The Association is committed to ensuring a fair and level playing field across the aluminum value chain for all aluminum producers worldwide.”

The report went on to say that North America’s aluminium industry shipped over 25.7 billion pounds of product, which was good for a new high since the latest recession began in 2008. Demand rose over 37.4% since 2009 as well, including a 21.2% rise in demand from the building and construction sector, and an unprecedented 113.4% jump in demand from the transportation sector. The report also indicates that the sector committed US$2.6 billion in capex over that time in order to capitalize on the significant rise in demand.