Norsk Hydro Lucé Aluminium Recycling Plant Obtains First Certification For Production Of CIRCAL

Norsk Hydro Lucé Aluminium Recycling Plant Obtains First Certification For Production Of CIRCAL
75R billets at Hydro Clervaux recycling plant in Luxembourg. Source: Norsk Hydro

Norway’s aluminium titan Norsk Hydro ASA announced earlier this week that its plant in Lucé, France has become the first aluminium smelter certified to produce low-carbon recycled aluminium product CIRCAL.

Hydro said that the certification to produce the aluminium product with at least 75 percent recycled content is a response to increased customer demand.

Eivind Kallevik, Executive Vice President of Hydro Aluminium Metal, said in a press release that this will open the door for even better things to come on the European continent.

“Our customers are asking for more low-carbon products to further lower their carbon footprint and it’s exciting to be able to offer Hydro CIRCAL at Lucé. This also helps to accelerate the circular economy in Europe.”

Hydro says the initial annual production of Hydro CIRCAL from the Lucé plant is expected to be about 1 thousand metric tons. Ultimately, Hydro aims to double its use of post-consumer scrap by mid-decade, rising from 250 thousand metric tons to 500 thousand metric tons each year.

Karl Willart, Director of Operations at Hydro Lucé, said the plant is ecstatic at receiving the new certification.

“We are proud to be the first plant in France certified to produce Hydro CIRCAL, producing low-carbon recycled aluminium for our customers. This is a great recognition of the team in Lucé, knowing how hard we have worked to get this certification. I am very proud of the team.”

Norsk Hydro, which was founded in 1905, financed by the Swedish Wallenberg family and French banks, began its life named Norsk hydro-elektrisk Kvælstofaktieselskab (literally, “Norwegian hydro-electric nitrogen limited”) by Sam Eyde. The Norwegian government owns approximately 40% of the company at the present time. Norsk Hydro is one of the largest aluminium companies in the world, with plants in Rjukan, Raufoss, Vennesla, Karmøy, Høyanger, Årdal, Sunndalsøra, and Holmestrand. Norsk also has several plants abroad.