Noranda Jamaica Shipped 3.8 Million WMT Of Bauxite From St. Ann In 2019

Noranda Jamaica Shipped 3.8 Million WMT Of Bauxite From St. Ann In 2019

Noranda Bauxite shipped an estimated 3.8 million wet metric tons from its bauxite operation at St. Ann, Jamaica last year, and it expects to be able to continue to ship similarly-sized amounts well into the next decade.

In 2019 New Day Aluminum provided bauxite ore not only to foreign buyers, but also to Noranda Alumina’s refinery, which is also located on the island. Per Noranda, its operations has the capacity to ship up to two million additional metric tons of bauxite ore per annum from the deepwater port at St. Ann. At present Noranda owns the only license to export bauxite ore from Jamaica.

Chris Young, Noranda Bauxite’s Vice President of Business Development, told local media that the government has helped it provide top-shelf bauxite to buyers around the globe.

“We have in Jamaica some of the world’s best bauxite, with excellent available alumina content as well as extremely low silica,” he explained.

“With the Jamaican Government’s commitment to provide us with nearly 250 million tonnes of bauxite through 2066, and our easily accessible deepwater port, we are well positioned to supply not only alumina refineries across the globe but also to supply bauxite for other applications, such as in the cement industry.”

Noranda officials also went to the record to state that none of its Jamaican facilities were impacted by the 7.7 MW earthquake that took place a few dozen miles offshore last week.

“We continue to operate our plant and port facilities as usual and are pleased that Jamaica as a whole appears to have been spared any material issues or injuries from this event,” explained Noranda Bauxite Vice-President and General Manager Delroy Dell.