Nalco Debuts Custom Aluminium Alloy Designed For LED Production

Nalco Debuts Custom Aluminium Alloy Designed For LED Production

In another move aimed at expanding its presence in the aluminium value-added market, Indian aluminium maker National Aluminium Company (Nalco) debuted a new aluminium alloy designed for use in the production of light-emitting diode (LED) lamp caps.

The new aluminium alloy, christened Aluminium Alloy 1200 (AA 1200), is the product of significant research by the firm’s in-house development team, according to Nalco’s chairman and managing director Dr. Tapan Kumar Chand.

“At Nalco, we continue to diversify and focus on expanding our markets with new product launches. In a competitive environment, this new product AA 1200 will help develop new markets and increase the Company’s profitability. The Smelter Team at Angul has worked hard to introduce a quality product that will add to the Company’s growing stature in the national and global market.”

Nalco began commercial production of the alloy last month at its smelter plant, and the firm says it has already identified and developed a market for the aluminium alloy.

Though similar to AA 1100, the new aluminium alloy has a higher corrosion resistance and a substantial thermal conductivity and reflectivity. Despite meeting the 99-percent minimum requirement for aluminium content, AA 1200 is still classified as a non-heat-treatable commercially-pure aluminium. Nalco notes that the new aluminium alloy uses less copper in its formula, resulting in a more economically-friendly product, as global copper prices continue to rise.