Mitsubishi Materials Co. Reveals Falsified Quality Data for Aluminium Products

Another Japanese firm has come forward to disclose falsified data given to customers regarding aluminium products.

Officials from Mitsubishi Materials Corp. came forward in a press conference in Tokyo on Friday to apologize for the faked quality-control data, the details of which were released by the company the day prior.

According to the company, the fabricated data affected dozens of customers and included products delivered by its subsidiary Mitsubishi Aluminum Co.

“We will make every effort to prevent this from happening again and to improve our internal controls, comply with the law and win back our customers’ trust,” promised Mitsubishi Materials’ CEO Akira Takeuchi.

Details of the falsified data affecting Mitsubishi’s aluminium products were not immediately available. However, the firm disclosed the fact that Mitsubishi Cable fabricated data on O-ring sealing materials produced for use on metal parts like pipe fittings. In addition, Mitsubishi Shindoh Co. manipulated data on certain copper products sold by the company.

Mitsubishi Cable indicated that the falsified data was uncovered during a review of an internal audit carried out in December of last year. However, the company neglected to report the problem until last month, when the company ordered a halt to shipment of the affected products.

According to domestic media, Japan’s economy minister Hiroshige Seko is seeking answers from the company regarding why it waited several months to begin to address the known issues.

This scandal comes on the heels of a similar data-falsification problem encountered by Kobelco. The scandal first erupted in mid-October after an internal review found misclassified data for about 19,300 short tons of aluminium parts, plus another 19,400 units of aluminium castings and forgings. According to the review, the problem affected materials shipped to over 500 clients.

Mitsubishi Aluminium Company was established in 1962 and produces aluminium, aluminium alloy mill products, and fabricated aluminium products. It is among Mitsubishi Group’s core companies.

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