Michigan Lightweighting Firm Develops Lightweight Aluminum Cast Rear Solid Beam Axle Housing

cast aluminium

Michigan lightweighting firm Shiloh Industries, Inc. debuted a new, lighter cast aluminium rear axle last week. According to the firm, the new solid rear beam axle is 24 pounds lighter than previous models.

Shiloh says its proprietary casting technology allowed the firm’s engineers to shave off 40 percent of the weight of a standard cast iron rear beam axle housing, creating a solid beam axle housing that is among the lightest offered on the light truck market. Shiloh says this design also saves production time and cost by reducing secondary machining while preserving the part’s strength and performance.

David Jaeger, senior vice president and managing director, CastLight, lauded the advancement and its impact upon the automotive industry.

“We believe we are the first in the industry able to produce a pickup truck rear beam axle housing in aluminum. This exciting new product is another example of Shiloh’s unique ability to develop innovative lightweighting technologies while assisting our customers in optimizing the strength, weight and performance attributes of their vehicles.”

Shiloh indicates that this new rear beam axle will be available to manufacturers for 2019 model year light trucks.

Based 26 miles west of Detroit in Plymouth, Shiloh develops lightweighting solutions for body structure, chassis and powertrain systems that emphasize environmental and safety benefits for the mobility market. The firm utilizes aluminum, magnesium. and steel alloys in addition to proprietary laminate products. Shiloh operates in locations in three continents and employs over 3,600 workers.

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