Michigan Aluminium Firm Invests US$10.5 Million In New 2,000T Extrusion Press

aluminium extrusion press

Michigan aluminium firm Superior Extrusion, Inc. announced earlier this week that it will be installing a third aluminium extrusion press at its plant in the Upper Peninsula.

Superior’s CEO Brad Couture told local media on Monday that a new 75,000ft2 expansion of the plant’s existing building will hold the third press. The firm currently boasts a 1,650-short-ton 7” Farrel press and a 2,500-short-ton Youngstown press. All in, the project is expected to require an investment of US$10.5 million and is expected to be complete by November 2018.

“We’re awaiting final bids on the building,” Coture explained. “We expect to have them in the second week of October.”

Coture continued by saying that the new, 7-inch, 2,000-short-ton press is intended to relieve the load of the two existing presses, which have been running at full capacity for between two and three years.

The new press will boost the plant’s existing capacity of 30 million pounds per annum by between 18 million and 20 million pounds, he estimates.

“It will help fill our customers’ needs. It will increase our capacity. Right now, with our two presses, our capacity is full and we have nothing to offer. We can’t serve new customers.”

As the plant has been working at capacity for quite some time, the firm has used several different strategies for meeting demand, but with little success. Coture said the plant operated three shifts at first, but returned to a traditional work schedule at the beginning of the year due to the unpopularity of round-the-clock operations.

Incorporated in the summer of 1996, Superior began extruding aluminium just over two years later. The company offers extrusions of 6000-series alloys as well as nitrogen-shielded extrusions, CAD services, and aluminium fabrications.

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