Maxion Wheels Takes First Steps in Opening Aluminium Wheel Plant in Western India

Maxion Wheels Takes First Steps in Opening Aluminium Wheel Plant in Western India

Leading vehicle wheel manufacturer Maxion Wheels revealed yesterday their intentions to begin manufacturing aluminium wheels in India, announcing the formation of a new legal entity under whom the production will be carried out.

The firm said it created Maxion Wheels Aluminum India Private Limited to conduct aluminium wheel production on the subcontinent. Maxion plans to produce up to 4 million light vehicle aluminium wheels each year in India when operations reach full steam at its soon-to-be-built 25,000 m2 plant in Pune on India’s west coast.

Pieter Klinkers, Chief Executive Officer, Maxion Wheels, elaborated upon the company’s motives, explaining that the move is a market-driven response.

“Maxion Wheels is committed to serving its customers’ growing demand for light vehicle aluminum wheels, especially in India where market growth is outpacing available capacity. We’ve been in India for more than 20 years, providing original equipment manufacturers with light and commercial vehicle steel wheels. We’re pleased to satisfy our global customers’ growing request that we bring our recognized global aluminum wheel expertise to India, and we are excited about the opportunity our new plant will afford us to strengthen our global footprint and strategically expand our presence in the region.”

The firm expects to begin production at a rate of 2 million wheels once production commences in the fall of next year. The plant, which is expected to bring over 500 new jobs to the area, will be tooled to produce low pressure die cast aluminum wheels with a high-end wheel finish.

A division of Brazilian automobile parts manufacturer Iochpe-Maxion S.A., Michigan-based Maxion Wheels produces 56 million wheels each year, making it the world’s most prolific manufacturer. It operates over two dozen plants in over a dozen countries on five continents, producing wheels for cars, light and commercial trucks, trailers, agricultural equipment, military vehicles, and other on- and off-road applications.