Marubeni Now Offering Low-Carbon Aluminium Ingot On Its Trading Platform

Marubeni Now Offering Low-Carbon Aluminium Ingot On Its Trading Platform

Japanese trading house Marubeni said last week it will soon begin offering low-carbon aluminium ingot to Japanese buyers in response to domestic buyers’ desire for more options that are produced with lower amounts of greenhouse gas emissions.

Buyers in the transport, packaging, and construction sectors have been particularly interested in low-carbon aluminium products, ahead of the rise in the global background levels of calls for sustainability.

Marubeni debuted its first low-carbon aluminium offering on Friday. Neutr-Al was the first low-carbon aluminium sold on the trading platform, as it uses carbon credits to offset the carbon created from bauxite mining, alumina refining, aluminium smelting, and transportation to the country. The credits used to offset production are created via activities including tree planting and other GHG absorption and reduction efforts.

Officials at Marubeni said that there would be no fixed price for the low-carbon aluminium ingot on offer, as prices would be set by customer demand.

“Our aim is to help Japanese aluminium users who seek low-carbon or zero-carbon footprint.”

The majority of large aluminium producers have released low-carbon offerings over the past few years, most of which achieve low carbon output totals via hydropower. The industry continues to find ways to produce aluminium with low or zero carbon emissions.