Lindian Screening Tests At Gaoual Significantly Reduce Silicon Dioxide In Bauxite Ore

Lindian Screening Tests At Gaoual Significantly Reduce Silicon Dioxide In Bauxite Ore

Australian mineral exploration firm Lindian Resources Limited announced earlier this week the completion of screening test work at its Gaoual High Grade Conglomerate Bauxite Project in Guinea, West Africa.

The firm says testing at the Bouba Conglomerate Bauxite Plate within the Gaoual Project showed that screening of the bauxite ore at the site eliminated a large portion of the SiO2 and enhanced the quantity of the alumina, all with a very small loss of overall tonnage.

Testing at Bouba also found that the coarse component of the conglomerate bauxite formed 87.2% of the mass total in the high grade ores tested. The high grade samples showed the average alumina grade increased by 8.6% while the average silica grade decreased by 71.4%.

Chairman Asimwe Kabunga said in a statement that the results are a major boon to the company.

“This is a very exciting discovery for Lindian. The Bouba Conglomerate ore when screened is now shown to be the highest quality bauxite in Guinea. It assists our broader vision and ambitions, which is to bring into production our large, multi-generational bauxite assets but also strengthens Lindian’s ability to attract high calibre development partners.”

Senior Consulting Geologist Mark Gifford explained what the test results meant for the bauxite in the area.

“The screening test work completed upon the Bouba Conglomerate Bauxite Plateau has provided conclusive support to the assumption that by removing the fines material from the conglomerate ores the resultant bauxite would dramatically improve in quality. This is a pleasing result, and one that highlights the significant potential of this unique bauxite resource.”

Lindian said it would soon analyze samples from the site via micro-digestion to determine any changes in Total Available Alumina and Reactive Silica both in low and high temperature digests.

Based in Perth, Lindian owns several mining licenses for gold in two outcroppings in Tanzania in addition to the tenements granted for the Lushoto Bauxite Project in 2018.