Lindian Begins Screening Tests At Gaoual Bauxite Mine

Lindian Begins Screening Tests At Gaoual Bauxite Mine

Australian mineral exploration firm Lindian Resources Limited began screening tests of the bauxite resources at its Gaoual mine in the African country of Guinea this week, marking the firm’s next step in bringing the bauxite ore on site to the commercial market.

According to Australian media, Lindian personnel are performing both dry and wet screening on site, saving samples to return to a laboratory for further testing. The firm obtained permission from local authorities earlier in November to take a 75-percent share in the Lelouma bauxite project, helping to boost Lindian’s profile in the bauxite-rich country.

At present the Gaoual mine is estimated to have 101.5 million metric tons of raw bauxite ore, composed of 49.8 percent aluminium oxide and 11.5 percent silica. The same estimates project that 84 million metric tons of it has an aluminium oxide content of at least 51.2 percent, making the bauxite ore significantly more impurity free than many other caches around the world.

The bauxite ore at Gaoual is of a higher quantity of silica than most other outcroppings in the area, but the firm notes that the silica consists mostly of fine-grained quartz crystals and is therefore easier to screen out upon being brought to the surface.

In addition to Gaoual and Lelouma, Lindian operates a smaller mine at Woula, which holds an estimated 19 million metric tons of bauxite ore with 41.7 percent aluminium oxide content. The firm says it is mulling an initial production rate of one million metric tons per annum at the site, but it would also be amenable to a joint partnership or other outside investments to help bring the mine to production.

Based in Perth, Lindian owns several mining licenses for gold in two outcroppings in Tanzania in addition to the tenements granted for the Lushoto Bauxite Project in 2018.