Lindan Survey Of Lelouma Bauxite Project Prompts Higher Estimated Resource Totals

Lindan Survey Of Lelouma Bauxite Project Prompts Higher Estimated Resource Totals

Australian mineral exploration firm Lindian Resources Limited upgraded its estimated resources at its Lelouma Bauxite Project on Tuesday to 900 million metric tons at 45.0% Al2O3and 2.1% SiO2.

Earlier this year the firm commenced a new drilling campaign to update the database so far compiled at the site. In addition to the increased estimate for 45-percent alumina bauxite ore, Lindian indicates the measurements allowed for an estimate of 155 million metric tons of 47.9-percent alumina bauxite ore.

Additionally, Lindian estimates a total cache of 398 metric tons of bauxite with at least 48.1 percent alumina, including bands of exceptionally-rich 50% or better alumina-rich bauxite ore.

“This Mineral Resource estimate confirms the stunning quality of the Lelouma deposit with both the increase in the resource from 847Mt to 900Mt and defining an exceptional high grade portion of 115Mt at 49.% Al2O3,” said Lindian’s CEO Danny Keating. “The ability to rapidly define a Measured Mineral Resource demonstrates the value of the historical data that was acquired as part of the Lelouma transaction. The Measured Mineral Resource gives confidence to the mine planning process, as well as for our work with alumina refineries who are seeking long term supply of high quality bauxite.”

“Having defined the high confidence Measured Mineral Resources at the Project, the management team will now focus on the joint road & rail infrastructure options for the combined development of the Gaoual and the Lelouma Projects.”

“I am encouraged that the market is beginning to recognise the underlying value in the Project as compared to other world class projects in West Africa and we will continue to demonstrate that Lelouma is one of the highest quality undeveloped bauxite projects globally,” Keating concluded.

Based in Perth, Lindian owns several mining licenses for gold in two outcroppings in Tanzania in addition to the tenements granted for the Lushoto Bauxite Project in 2018.