JW Aluminum Announces US$225 MM Expansion to Plant in SE South Carolina

JW Aluminum Announces US$225 MM Expansion to Plant in SE South Carolina

American flat-rolled aluminium producer JW Aluminum announced earlier this week a US$255-million expansion to its facilities in Goose Creek, South Carolina.

Per the firm, the expansion will include the construction of a 220,000 ft2 building, which will be the home to a wide variety of new, cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly technology.

In addition to the new equipment, JW Aluminum put out a call for new manpower – the firm says it plans to hire 50 new employees, including skilled operators, industrial and electrical technicians, and engineers.

A portion of the new facilities will be paid for by a US$500,000 Set Aside grant from South Carolina’s Coordinating Council for Economic Development. The council will also offer JW Aluminum a quantity of job development credits as well.

JW Aluminum’s CEO Lee McCarter greeted the move as the dawn of a new stage in his company’s growth.

“It’s an exciting new chapter in JW Aluminum’s story and a considerable progression in our strategic journey. As a domestic supplier, we’ve prevailed in an extremely challenging competitive environment. The outcome of this endeavor will empower us to produce superior product for our customers, provide increased value to our stakeholders and serve as a preferred supplier and employer for decades to come.”

Goose Creek mayor Greg Habib noted the unprecedented scale of the expansion, noting the significant positive economic impact to the area.

“JW’s significant investment in Goose Creek represents the largest economic development project in city history. Their commitment to Goose Creek and Berkeley County will keep more than 300 good jobs right here in our community. We are proud and thankful for our ongoing partnership with JW Aluminum.”

Originally begun at Mt. Holly, South Carolina in 1979 as Jim Walter Metals, JW Aluminum grew in the intervening years from a family-operated shop employing ten workers to a firm that operates four mills around the country – the original mill in Mt. Holly, their newest facility in Russellville, Arkansas, their largest mill in St. Louis, and an additional mill in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Among the products JW markets is building and distributor sheet, fin stock, cable wrap, grade I and III lithographic sheet, foil and sheet for automotive heat shields, honeycomb foil, and flexible packaging products.