Jharsuguda Locals Appeal To Chand To Open Alumina Bidding To Vedanta

Jharsuguda Locals Appeal To Chand To Open Alumina Bidding To Vedanta

In a bid to aid Vedanta Ltd. in its search for raw materials, a contingent of local citizens sent a letter last week to National Aluminium Company Limited’s (Nalco) Chairman and Managing Director Dr. Tapan Kumar Chand appealing to him to open the bidding for 30 thousand metric tons of metallurgical-grade alumina to the firm.

In the letter, a copy of which was forwarded to the State Chief Secretary, the group said including Vedanta in the bidding would allow the firm to benefit in fair trade, creating a system of mutual benefit between Nalco and Vedanta. Such competition would asssure the former of robust competition from the latter, who would benefit from a steady supply of the aluminium precursor.

In addition to benefiting the companies involved, the authors of the letter contended that the move would improve the lot of almost half a million people in the Jharsuguda area, which is where much of Vedanta’s aluminium smelting operations resides.

“If large companies like Vedanta and Nalco can harness the natural resources abundantly available in the State and dedicate them for the socio-economic development of Odisha and its people, the State can emerge as a crown jewel contributing to the nation’s growth.”

The letter continued by saying that allowing Vedanta in on the alumina bidding process would be a boon for not just Jharsuguda, but also for Odisha and the rest of the country, much of which is struggling through significant unemployment, tepid economic growth, and rising budget deficits.

The letter is a follow-up on a meeting several local representatives, including individuals from the Jharsuguda Bar Association, had with Dr. Chand almost a month ago.