Iran’s Aluminium Production Rose By 24 Percent Since Last March

Iran’s Aluminium Production Rose By 24 Percent Since Last March

Aluminium production in Iran rose by 24 percent through the first ten months of the Iranian calendar year (year 1400, beginning on 21 March last year), up from 365 thousand metric tons the prior year to 453 thousand metric tons in the current year.

Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) announced in state-run media that the production of aluminium ingot jumped by 61 percent for the year ending on 21 March 2021, which totaled 447 thousand metric tons, up from 278 thousand metric tons.

Iranian Aluminum Company (IRALCO) turned in the best showing in the Iranian year 1399, smelting 185 thousand metric tons of aluminium ingot for the year. For the last month of that year, Iran’s aluminium ingot production totaled 41 thousand metric tons, up by 38 percent on the year from the prior final month of the year’s total of 30 thousand metric tons.

Overall, Iran’s total aluminium output for the year 1400 is expected to exceed that of 1399 by 63 percent. Ultimately, Iranian officials hope to double output thanks to the commissioning of Iran’s largest aluminium plant last year.

Iranian officials estimate the country’s aluminium sector has a value of US$22 billion, which is sufficient to meet the country’s aluminium needs. At present, Iran is the 18th biggest aluminium producing country on Earth, but when the new plant ramps up to full capacity, those officials expect that it will leapfrog the nation into 14th place. The country’s ultimate goal is to reach a total yearly output of 1.5 million metric tons by 2026.