Iran’s Aluminium Output Rises By 5 Percent Since March

Iran’s Aluminium Output Rises By 5 Percent Since March

In the opening ten months of Iran’s calendar year the country’s aluminium smelters produced over 267 thousand tons of primary aluminium and aluminium products, exceeding the prior year’s opening ten months by 5 percent.

Iranian state media said that the country’s trio of producers continued gains achieved during the year’s first half, when the production total of 151,691 tons of primary aluminium and aluminium products between March 21 and August 21 represented a 10-percent gain on the year.

For the full Iranian year, which ends March 20, Iran Aluminum Company, Hormozal Aluminum Company, and Almahdi Aluminum Company are expected to combine for a total production of 385 thousand tons, which would be a 12.4-percent improvement over the previous year’s total production of 337 thousand tons.

Iran’s present aluminium capacity is estimated to be 457 thousand metric tons per annum, though around 20 thousand metric tons per annum is idled at the moment due, in part, to environmental concerns. The country’s sole alumina refinery is owned by Iralco and is located in Jajarm, North Khorasan Province, and has a nameplate capacity of 250 thousand metric tons per annum.

Per state media, plans are currently in the works to increase Iran’s total national aluminium production capacity to 1.5 million tons over the course of the next six years.