Iran’s Aluminium Ingot Output Up By 69 Percent Over Last Seven Months

Iran’s Aluminium Ingot Output Up By 69 Percent Over Last Seven Months

Aluminium output by producers in Iran has risen significantly since the beginning of the Iranian year, with more expected as newly constructed capacity comes online in the coming months.

Since the beginning of the Iranian year on March 20, producers have churned out 247,335 tons of aluminium ingot, up by 69 percent on the year. Over the just-ended 30-day period producers smelted 35,556 tons, which is an increase of 56 percent over the prior 30 days.

Per the Industry, Mining and Trade Ministry, the prior Iranian year saw its producers smelt 275,716 tons of aluminium ingot, off by 8 percent from the preceding year. Iranian Aluminum Company (IRALCO) led the way last year, they indicate.

Though up already with existing smelting capacity, an official said earlier this year that the country’s overall production of aluminium will double upon the commissioning of a new aluminium plant currently under construction in the Fars province.

He noted that, at present, the value of the industry’s production is in the neighborhood of US$22 billion, adding that Iran is generally self sufficient for minerals, allowing it to be a significant exporter of the same.

“The country’s capacities in the sector, saying that Iran is ranked 18th among the world’s top aluminum producers, and with this new plant going operational the country will climb four places to stand at 14th place.”

According to local media, Iran anticipates reaching a total annual aluminium ingot production of 1.5 million tons per annum by 2025.