International Aluminium Institute Inaugurates Aluminium Forward 2030 Coalition

International Aluminium Institute Inaugurates Aluminium Forward 2030 Coalition

Earlier this week, The International Aluminium Institute (IAI) launched Aluminium Forward 2023, which is a coalition of 45 stakeholders in the aluminium sector dedicated to speeding progress toward net zero emissions as they collaborate on a plan that also aligns with the aims of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

IAI says the initiative is the product of a series of discussions with several of the major members of the beverage can, automotive, electrical, transport, and construction markets. It notes that the 25 production members and 20 downstream and customer companies agree that reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing climate change are major goals for the sector. However, the emphasis of the coalition will be to reach net zero carbon emissions in aluminium production that takes into account the other aspects of sustainability.

IAI Secretary General Miles Prosser said in a press release that the issue of carbon emissions in aluminium is one of the most important problems facing the industry.

“The world is confronting a climate crisis and reducing greenhouse gas emissions has become a priority for nations and businesses. But the race to net zero carbon is multifaceted and needs to equally embrace other global sustainability challenges, including social inequalities, biodiversity loss, circularity, and access to fresh water. The IAI recognises that net zero carbon must also deliver on other sustainability issues”.

Ramon Arratia, Global Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer of Ball Corporation, said his firm welcomes the challenge of zero carbon aluminium.

“Aluminium has great short and medium term decarbonisation potential with circularity and other levers. We look forward to working with the IAI and the Aluminium Forward 2030 coalition to accelerate the decarbonisation of our sector by collaborating with the full value chain.

“Gränges is committed to creating circular and sustainable aluminium solutions and decarbonizing our industry,” noted Sofia Hedevåg, SVP Sustainability at Gränges. “Strong partnerships and collaboration will be essential for reaching net zero emissions and ultimately for a sustainable future. It’s essential that our industry comes together to share insights, best practices, and help solve real challenges that are going to make a real difference. This is why we have decided to join Aluminium Forward 2030.”