Indian Government To Review Antidumping Duties On Aluminium Foil From China

Indian Government To Review Antidumping Duties On Aluminium Foil From China

The Indian government began a sunset review of the antidumping duties on 5.5 Micron to 80 Micron aluminium foil originating from the People’s Republic of China last week. The review was prompted by a request from Hindalco Industries Ltd, Raviraj Foils, and Jindal India Ltd.

Domestic media is reporting that a statement from the Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR) indicates that it believes the domestic aluminium industry is likely to be harmed should the antidumping duties be rescinded.

“There is prima facie evidence of likelihood of continuation/recurrence of dumping and injury to the domestic industry in the event of cessation of duty, considering the volume and price of imports of subject goods from subject country, positive dumping margin, significant unutilized capacities in subject country, existence of trade remedial measures imposed by other countries against the subject country, potential trade diversion, and price attractiveness of Indian market.”

The DGTR went on to say that dumping of aluminium foils from China continued despite the duties.

The investigation prompting the antidumping duties looked at imports from fiscal years 2017 to 2021. Another investigation carried out by India’s finance ministry yielded antidumping duties on aluminium foil of a thickness of 80 microns and below from China, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

The current duties on imported aluminium foil from China are scheduled to run until May, 2022.