India Extends Anti-Dumping Duties On Chinese Aluminium Foil Imports

India Extends Anti-Dumping Duties On Chinese Aluminium Foil Imports

India’s government has recommended the extension of anti-dumping duties on aluminium foil used for food and medicine packaging for another five years due to concerns of harm to domestic manufacturers of the same.

The Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR) published a notification this week advising the public of its decision, noting that it continues to find below-market aluminium foil of between 5.5 micron and 80 micron arriving at its ports, and that there is little chance that a relaxation of import duties would change Chinese aluminium firms’ behavior in that regard.

“There is continued dumping of the foil from China, and the imports are likely to enter the Indian market at dumped prices in the event of expiry of the duty,” said the DGTR in a statement.

“The authority recommends continued imposition of anti-dumping duty, to remove the likelihood of dumping and injury to the domestic industry.”

The DGTR went on to recommend duties in the range of US$469 and US$1,106 per metric tonne on imported aluminium foils from China. However, the final say comes from the Ministry of Finance, who initially levied the anti-dumping duties in the summer of 2017.

The DGTR’s review is the product of an appeal by Hindalco Industries, Raviraj Foils, and Jindal India, three of India’s major aluminium foil producers.