Icelandic Firm Develops First All-Aluminium Vehicle

Icelandic Firm Develops First All-Aluminium Vehicle

An Icelandic firm announced the debut of the country’s first vehicle to be made almost entirely of domestically-produced aluminium earlier this week.

Start-up firm Ísar made the big reveal on Wednesday of the eponymous vehicle, of which the first five have already been produced and sold. The firm boasts that the vehicle is substantially lighter than similarly-sized vehicles and is the country’s first super jeep to be registered as street legal.

“We now have a running prototype of the first specially designed aluminium car in Iceland,” explained Ísar director Ari Arnórsson. “The cost is only a fraction of what people would think it is. We’ve now gone on a couple of trips, private trips with investors, and it works.”

Per the firm, the vehicle is 8.2’ wide and 18.7’ in length and features a seating capacity of up to 20 individuals. Despite its size, Ísar indicates that it tips the scales at a lithe 3 metric tons.

As a result of its relatively low weight and innovative ergonomic design, Ísar says it has experienced a significant positive response from investors and potential buyers.

“We’ve had a lot of interest, both domestically and abroad,” said operating manager Guðmundur Höskuldsson. “We’ve had a lot of inquiries from abroad about when the final product will be ready. Hopefully as soon as possible.”

In addition to a favorable size-to-weight ratio, Ísar says it builds its vehicles with nature in mind, intending the rugged 4×4 to make as small an impact as possible. Using a technology it has dubbed “LIGHTFOOT,” Ísar’s vehicles utilize special Low Ground Pressure tires designed to leave as minimal a track behind as possible.

The Ísar also utilizes recycled material for the small percentage of the vehicle not made by local aluminium, with the first prototypes using biogas from local household waste. It can also be powered by geothermally produced methanol, with electric-powered options in development as well.