Hyundai Names Rusal Its Long-Term Supplier Of Sustainable Aluminium

Hyundai Names Rusal Its Long-Term Supplier Of Sustainable Aluminium

Russian Federation aluminium behemoth UC Rusal announced last week that it has been chosen as Hyundai Sungwoo Holdings Co, Ltd.’s preferred long-term supplier of sustainable primary aluminium and aluminium alloys.

Through Hyundai Sungwoo, Rusal will be supplying Hyundai Motors Group, which produces the Hyundai and Kia automotive brands. Rusal notes the market share Hyundai commands in Asia and around the world, saying the partnership helps Rusal expand its own share of the regional aluminium market.

Roman Andryushin, Rusal’s Head of Sales and Marketing, says the region has developed a growing market for more sustainable solutions in aluminium.

“South Korea has been one of the key markets for RUSAL in Asia, where we have witnessed increasing demand for low carbon aluminium. We are truly proud that our metal, produced by clean energy, contributes into the development of the green economy. I would like to thank Hyundai Sungwoo for their continued confidence and support of our products after many years of successful cooperation together as we both share our values and commitment to sustainable development.”

The aluminium Rusal will be providing Hyundai is produced via sustainably-generated power and using energy-saving technology and techniques. Rusal makes such low-carbon aluminium across six of its Russian smelters. Buyers of Rusal’s sustainable aluminium often use it in manufacturing wheels, automotive components, engines, and body parts in the automotive sector, and structural and roof elements in the construction industry.