Hindalco to Save US$15 MM via Upgraded Turbines at Captive Renusagar Plant

Hindalco to Save US$15 MM via Upgraded Turbines at Captive Renusagar Plant

Mumbai’s Hindalco Industries Ltd. and General Electric (GE) announced a partnership yesterday to upgrade the aluminium firm’s steam turbines at Renusagar Captive Power Plant in Uttar Pradesh, India.

According to GE, the new turbines are expected to increase the plant’s efficiency by six percent, yielding a cost savings of US$15 million over the first five years of operation. In addition, the turbines will each produce up to an additional four megawatts and are expected to operate for an additional two decades thanks to the upgrades.

“We are pleased to collaborate with GE on this project to demonstrate the feasibility of upgrading our existing steam turbines, which will allow us to increase the output, efficiency and performance of our existing fleet of plants,” said Hindalco’s chief operating officer S.N. Jajoo.

“Reducing the cost of power generation is relevant for an aluminium company like Hindalco, one of Asia’s biggest primary aluminium companies,” explained the managing director—GE Power India Limited and leader of GE’s Powering Efficiency COE Ashok Ganesan. “Power costs are a major contributor to Hindalco’s overall production expenditures. GE has a long-standing relationship with Hindalco, having supplied steam turbines, boilers, generators and advanced steam path upgrades over the last 30 years. We are proud, our robust portfolio of hardware upgrades features breakthrough power generation capabilities that will help Hindalco meet its cost targets.”

“India’s power generation sector is at a unique point in its evolution—growing renewables in a country where energy security has meant a heavy reliance on coal,” he went on. “To meet future challenges, significant upgrades and the introduction of new technologies to raise the efficiency and flexibility of coal-based power generation solutions, help with baseload generation and balance the grid as renewables come online are an absolute necessity. To meet its growing demand for electricity, India needs a comprehensive review of its subcritical technology dominated by coal-based power plants. GE’s Powering Efficiency COE showcases the ability to ensure real-time answers to modernize power generation infrastructure.”