Guyanese Government Promises Protection for Workers Laid Off Due to U.S. Sanctions on Rusal

Guyanese Government Promises Protection for Workers Laid Off Due to U.S. Sanctions on Rusal

The fallout continues due to the United States Treasury Department’s decision to sanction Oleg Deripaska and Rusal, as 200 workers soon to be separated from their jobs at a Rusal contractor have turned to the Guyanese government for assurances regarding the severance benefits they are owed.

The workers in question are soon to be laid off from positions with Oldendorff Carriers, a contractor with Rusal Guyana, subsidiary of U.C. Rusal. Though Rusal continues to negotiate with Washington, D.C. regulators, plans continue apace for the company to wind down operations by the October 23rd deadline.

Guyana’s Minster of the Ministry of Natural Resources Simona Broomes has spearheaded an initiative by her government to determine the road ahead for Rusal Guyana. In conjunction with its duties relative to Guyana Bauxite, the ministry has taken up the cause of the workers from Oldendorff Carriers.

After having met with several of Oldendorff’s workers, Broomes promised to shield them from the effects of United States sanctions.

“Your rights will be protected. It has to be protected. There is no if and buts,” Broomes swore to local media.

Broomes continued by noting that she has instructed general manager of Transhipment Projects, Ulf Henriksson to meet with the country’s Labor Department to institute measures that protect the workers whose jobs hang in the balance, including coordinating with the Guyanese government to provide severance benefits should Rusal Guyana’s petition to be exempted from United States sanctions be rejected.

Rusal, En+, and Deripaska are a few of several businesses and individuals sanctioned by the United States Treasury Department this spring on allegations that the group has been involved in “nefarious activities” around the world. The Treasury Department alleges that the sanctioned individuals were involved in efforts to destabilize governments around the world, including allegedly improperly influencing the 2016 presidential election.