Ghana Government Promotes “Open Door” Policy For Domestic Bauxite Trade

Ghana Government Promotes “Open Door” Policy For Domestic Bauxite Trade

Ghana’s aluminium promotion and development body is attempting to foster greater communication between the state and various stakeholders in order to ensure that its bauxite ore reserves are utilized to the most beneficial extent possible.

Last week the Ghana Integrated Aluminium Development Corporation (GIADEC) announced to local media the implementation of an “open door” policy that it hopes will help develop a better understanding of the monitoring and enforcement of regulations intended to protect Ghana’s environment.

The move is but the latest of several efforts at outreach GIADEC has done, per the announcement. To date the company has engaged a host of state agencies, local authorities, and professional organizations in order to effectively implement regulations for the responsible mining of the country’s estimated 900 million metric tons of bauxite ore.

Additionally, GIADEC has established a series of technical committees dedicated to compiling environmental impact assessments for the areas where bauxite is and will be mined. The committees are made up of agents from several state agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency, the Ministry of Environment, the Forestry Commission, and Science Technology and Innovation (MESTI) among others.

“It is also important to state that GIADEC has to date not commenced any Bauxite mining activities or operations. GIADEC are currently undertaking work at Kyebi and Nyinahin, with the consent of the appropriate State Agencies, including the EPA, Forestry Commission, and Minerals Commission, to undertake all necessary confirm the mineral deposits at Atewa and Nyinahin Bauxite reserves. As such, the Corporation has contracted a private firm to undertake confirmatory drilling only, to establish Minerals Resource Estimates (MRE) for these two reserves.”

GIADEC says a data room for housing various reports relevant to bauxite ore mining is in the works as well. It has also completed the first round of investor engagements dedicated to finding investment partners for the country’s bauxite industry. The company also reaffirmed its commitment to keeping stakeholders informed and engaged going forward in order to strengthen the country’s burgeoning bauxite trade.