European Aluminium Praises United Kingdom’s Move To Penalize Chinese Aluminium Extrusion Imports

European Aluminium Praises United Kingdom’s Move To Penalize Chinese Aluminium Extrusion Imports

Trade group European Aluminium lauded the government of the United Kingdom for launching an investigation into allegations that aluminium extrusions producers from the People’s Republic of China dumped their products on the British Isles.

The association notes that the United Kingdom joins the rest of the continent as well as the United States, Canada, Australia, and Vietnam in investigating aluminiuim extrusion imports from the Middle Kingdom.

Though the EU’s preliminary anti-dumping duties against Chinese producers covered imports to the United Kingdom, the country’s recent exit from the Union in December ended the duties imposed by the European Council. The EC had previously imposed preliminary anti-dumping duties of between 21.2 percent and 32.1 percent beginning in the middle of last October.

Gerd Götz, Director General of European Aluminium, elaborated upon the case for anti-dumping duties on Chinese suppliers in a related press release.

“In the EU alone, there are currently 73 trade defence measures in force that target products originating in China, including seven groups of aluminium products. Anti-dumping duties can act as a temporary band-aid but it’s clear we need a structural and global solution to address China’s unfair trade practices and we hope the agreements made during the recent G7 Summit will pave the way for modernised trade rules that can tackle them effectively.”

The Association went on to say that China’s significant overcapacity harms European production by flooding the continent with below-market products. Cheap imports not only sink the price of aluminium products, it also complicates efforts at sustainable aluminium production.

The Association notes that there are seven broad categories of aluminium products under investigation, including extrusions, flat-rolled products, jumbo and small rolls of household aluminium foil, converter foil, some radiators, and some road wheels.