European Aluminium Calls Upon Continent鈥檚 Governments For Cooperation On Sustainability Goals

European Aluminium Calls Upon Continent鈥檚 Governments For Cooperation On Sustainability Goals

Brussels trade group European Aluminium Association released its plan for sustainability in the continent鈥檚 aluminium sector earlier this week. The plan aligns with the recently-established global goals for sustainable economic production set out by international treaties and the United Nations.

Noting the pivotal position in which the continent鈥檚 aluminium sector finds itself, European Aluminium notes the tremendous opportunities in front of it as well.

鈥淥ur goal is to strive for a truly sustainable economy, supporting the Paris Agreement and delivering on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This requires a deep transformation and renewal of our existing industrial base and assets.鈥

To that end, the I+ Manifesto is a call to action by Europe鈥檚 aluminium sector to the continent鈥檚 political leaders. European Aluminium says the governments of the continent must establish a proper framework for the European aluminium sector to achieve its sustainability goals. EA says cooperation with government entities is critical in reaching the goals set out in Vision 2050, which is its plan for reaching a low-carbon economy by mid-century.

鈥淥ur Vision 2050 shows potential to decarbonise our production processes along the whole value chain. Total CO2 emission reductions will come from increased recycling and a 70% decarbonisation in the primary sector.鈥

Accordingly, EA says the goal should be to preserve Europe鈥檚 industrial manufacturing base and to put it into a position to grow.

鈥淲e call for a bold and fully-fledged EU industrial strategy with its vision and goals rooted in its wider strategy of sustainable development and commitments under the Paris Agreement.鈥

Coordination is key, notes EA. Cooperation among the continent鈥檚 several layers of governance to define competencies is critical in allowing the European aluminium sector to reach its goals for sustainability by 2030 and 2050.