European Aluminium Association Calls For Stronger Trade Policy At 40th Anniversary Assembly

European Aluminium Association Calls For Stronger Trade Policy At 40th Anniversary Assembly

Aluminium trade group European Aluminium Association conducted its general assembly this week, marking the 40th year of representing the continent’s aluminium sector.

In comments at the event, EA chair Ingrid Jörg pressed the EU for improvements including a stronger industrial policy, noting the imbalanced trade practices and the relatively paltry offerings for green energy available to aluminium producers.

“European producers demonstrate their commitment to producing sustainable aluminium solutions every day, but our competitiveness is harmed by China’s unfair trade practices and a lack of access to affordable, green energy. To tackle important systemic challenges effectively, we need a bold and future-proof EU industrial strategy. Mainstreaming industrial competitiveness across all policy areas should become the norm.”

Gerd Götz, Director General at European Aluminium, noted the associations expansion since its founding, as it now counts over 95 members that represent more than 600 aluminium plants in 30 countries.

“Forty years after its birth, European Aluminium has never been stronger and more representative of the entire European aluminium value chain. In light of today’s challenging business environment, companies clearly see the value in being a member of our association and driving a common industry agenda with a single voice in policy areas such as energy and climate, trade, circular economy and innovation.”

So far in 2021, European Aluminium added to its ranks Aluminium Bozen, Aluminij Industries, Arconic Corporation, Corialis, Speira, and Yeşilova Holding. At present, the association’s membership constitutes about 85 percent of Europe’s total aluminium production.