En+ Teams Up With V&A Design Museum On Sustainable Aluminium Art Exhibit

En+ Teams Up With V&A Design Museum On Sustainable Aluminium Art Exhibit

Russian aluminium giant UC Rusal’s parent company En+ Group is teaming up with major art and design museum the V&A to produce an immersive design pavilion featuring aluminium for the London Design Festival.

The exhibit, dubbed “Between Forests and Skies,” is made from Rusal’s low-carbon aluminium product produced using its proprietary inert anode technology. The exhibit is meant to draw attention to the importance of sustainably-produced aluminium, which En+ says plays a significant role in the broader global push for sustainable economic development.

The exhibit will utilize a minimal amount of aluminium to form a delicate but sturdy structure that is meant to emphasize aluminium’s versatile and unique qualities. Designers at Nebbia Works will use sheet aluminium to create a three-dimensional forested space by various cuts and folds to the material.

Executive Chairman of En+ Group Greg Barker, Baron Barker of Battle said in a press release that the exhibit emphasizes the important role of sustainably-produced aluminium.

“The pavilion is made from the lowest carbon aluminium ever produced, using breakthrough technology and the power of water. This method of production reinforces aluminium as the material with which we will sustainably build our future thanks to its infinite recyclability and capacity to be produced in line with a green economy.”

“As the world’s leading museum of art, design and performance, the V&A is approaching the climate crisis with creativity and optimism to inspire the next generation,” continued V&A director Tristram Hunt. “We have a responsibility to explore the ideas and realities of what environmental sustainability means across generations, locations and societies. As the one-time Museum of Manufacture, we are proud to be partnering with En+ on this innovative material exploration of low carbon aluminium, and we look forward to seeing this exciting pavilion on display at the V&A for London Design Festival.”

The piece will be on display at the V&A in London from September 18 to October 17.