Egypt Imposes Anti-Dumping Duties On Imports Of Certain Aluminium Products

Egypt Imposes Anti-Dumping Duties On Imports Of Certain Aluminium Products

The Egyptian government this week announced anti-dumping measures against imported aluminium products for the next three years.

According to domestic media, the government will impose anti-dumping measures on molds, cylinders, and wire starting this week. The sanctions would be set at 16.5 percent of Insurance and Freight (CIF) value, with a minimum of US$333 per metric ton in the first year.

In the second year of sanctions the rate will fall to 13.5 percent of CIF and a minimum of US$271 per metric ton, while the third year will be 10.5 percent CIF at a minimum of US$211 per metric ton.

Ibrahim Al-Sigini, Assistant Minister of Trade and Industry for Economic Affairs, elaborated upon the newly-enacted measures.

“The ministry had previously agreed, in April 2020, to start implementing preventive measures against the large increase in imports of aluminium products that include moulds and cylinders and wire.”

“The commercial treatments sector sent lists of questions and a copy of the non-confidential text of the complaint, and announced the start of investigations to concerned parties,” he continued. “They were given 37 days to respond.”

The Egyptian government published notice of the new sanctions in the official gazette Waqaa Masria.

“The sector received the comments of concerned parties on the submitted complaint as well as responses to the lists of questions, and a public hearing was held in presence of concerned parties,” noted Al-Sigini.

“The commercial treatments sector had concluded that there was a significant increase in imports of aluminium products. These included moulds, cylinders and wire, which caused serious damage to the local industry and required the imposition of final antidumping measures on these imports.”

This week’s sanctions were made pursuant to Egypt’s Protection of the National Economy from the Effects of Injurious Practices in International Trade Act. The Egyptian government said it subsequently provided notice of the sanctions to the Technical Barriers to Trade Committee at the World Trade Organization (WTO).