Dutch Shipbuilder Begins Construction on World’s Biggest Aluminium Yacht

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A Dutch shipbuilder has begun construction on what will soon be the world’s largest aluminium-hulled yacht.

Vollenhove’s Royal Huisman, in partnership with Dykstra Naval Architects, designer Mark Whiteley and Bart Kimman of Northrop & Johnson Asia, is laid the keel for the 265-foot contemporary three-masted schooner earlier this year. The team completed design, construction planning, and engineering within a year of the ship’s announcement, and Royal Huisman’s largest shipbuilding hall was expanded in that time as well in order to accommodate the record-breaking design. According to the firm, the building frame for the main deck is under construction at present.

Among the innovative features the new vessel will have are a half-raised bridge for inside steering, a flybridge with a full set of controls for use while sailing, and amenities including a sheltered main cockpit beneath the flybridge with a full bar, sofas, and a large table.

Performance upon the ocean was not overlooked in the design of this new vessel, as its architects collaborated to draw up a hull with a unique hard chine and schooner rig that strives to meld performance with sea kindliness, stability, and passenger comfort. According to the architects, “the plumb bow, very long waterline, sleek hull and large sail area will give the yacht the required high speed and good performance.”

In addition to a refined exterior, the vessel’s interior is designed to provide comfort in a sustainable manner. Designers chose Alpi Walnut bulkheads, which offers both excellent performance and low impact upon the environment. Crew quarters will be located aft, reserving the stern for passenger amenities like a combined saloon and a formal-dining table with space for seating sixteen.

Royal Huisman projects delivery of the yet-to-be-named vessel in the year 2020.

Established in 1884 to build wooden workboats and fishing boats, Royal Huisman transitioned into building vessels with aluminium hulls in 1964. The shipyard has been constructing aluminum-hulled ships for the yacht-racing market since the 1970s.

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