Constellium Revealed as Premier Aluminium Provider for BMW 5 Series

Amsterdam’s Constellium N.V. revealed yesterday its status as provider of aluminium automotive body sheet and Crash Management Systems for Munich automaker Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) in the construction of its BMW 5 executive car series.

The announcement in question identified Constellium as BMW’s premier supplier of automotive body sheet for the 5 series. The firm delivers coils for both inner and outer applications such as doors, roofs, fenders, deck lids, and structural parts. Constellium also engineers and manufactures the 5 series’ rear Crash Management System, including an integrated holder for the vehicle’s exhaust system.

In addition to those components, Constellium also provides proprietary alloys for the hood, outer panels, and fenders. Such alloys facilitate forming and processing, making the assembly process quicker and more efficient.

The firm points out that aluminium is also a medium well-suited to Crash Management Systems, as it possesses a high degree of energy absorption, which reduces damage to the vehicle, lowering the cost of repair. In addition, as many of the parts are produced by extrusion, such parts are more easily built to meet customer specifications for size, shape, package space, and strength.

“BMW is a great customer to work with as they are looking for innovative aluminium solutions for automotive body sheets for their new models,” explained Dieter Höll, Sales & Marketing Director Automotive & Specialties. “We are proud to supply the BMW 5 Series not only for closures but also for structural inner parts and reinforcement applications requiring specific crash and mechanical performance such as the one offered by Securalex®HS.”

“Constellium is a longtime supplier to BMW and it is an honor to contribute to the redefined Ultimate Driving Machine,” commented Constellium’s Managing Director for Automotive Structures Lionel Chapis. “The new BMW 5 Series features our most advanced rear crash management system with extrusions made of Constellium’s patented high-strength 6000-series crushable alloys.”

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