Constellium Joins GHG Emission Reduction Project ACHIEF

Constellium Joins GHG Emission Reduction Project ACHIEF

European value-added aluminium firm Constellium NV announced yesterday its participation in ACHIEF – Innovative high-performance Alloys and Coatings for HIghly EFficient intensive energy processes along with several other European metals firms.

Constellation explained that the organization is almost a dozen partner firms from six different countries on the continent plus Turkey, and it aims to help lead the energy intensive industrial sector into reducing energy consumption by encouraging the adoption of high-performance alloys and coatings.

ACHIEF, which was founded eleven years ago, will meet that end by proposing new alloys and coatings through the use of artificial intelligence, says Constellium. In order to measure the performance and efficiency of the materials, ACHIEF will use Constellium’s R&D center in Voreppe, France, to test across a trio of use cases.

Constellium says this program dovetails with its long-held emphasis on sustainability. The firm has previously stated the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by a quarter below 2015 baseline levels. The firm says improving efficiency is one of its primary tactics in limiting GHG emissions going forward.

Constellium, based in Amsterdam, was founded 1855 as Henri Merle et Compagnie and subsequently renamed Pechiney in 1950. Pechiney was purchased by Alcan in 2003, which was purchased by Rio Tinto in 2007. In 2011 Rio Tinto sold Alcan Engineered Products to Apollo Management (51%) and FSI (10%). Constellium produces rolled and extruded aluminium products from various alloys, bringing in €4.9 billion of revenue in 2020.